Prince and Being True to Himself: A Little Intro/Preface (6 Part Series)

A Little Intro/Preface

I thought that these articles/essays may be worth something to established publications and blogs but I did not want it to turn into a journalistic exercise despite a halfhearted attempt at journalistic writing here and there. Importantly, I wanted each of these parts to be housed together as I’d conceived of them without any particular rules for how this should be written. This work is important enough to me to do it my way and to control. This is ultimately my expression, the expression of a true fan, that I want to share with the world especially the world of fans that made my journey with Prince (particularly in the 1990s) possible by supporting his career for several decades. I must also thank those recently discovering or rediscovering himself also for honoring in him as part of the appreciation he’s received in his later years including the time since his passing. I’m truly grateful for the support of these writings in addition to your contributions to my experience of Prince without which the journey would be incomplete–perhaps a subject for a more personal article at another time. Prince had this effect on people, intended or not. He brought people together, and my hope is to help add to what he started until we can all discover what it is that we should do now in a world without him. We have his music, and we have the history. We have each other. If they all can work together there is a life and richness to be cherished and shared. Within these posts is some of the history from one’s fan’s experience and personal point of view. This is my story of the most important value I received from Prince, a model of one who was true to himself.

In Part 1: The Artist Known As Prince, we go a little into his expression as an artist from the early days of the albums For You and Prince on to his relationship with Minneapolis, the city for which his “sound” was known prior to his crossing into completely different genres than the typical Pop, Funk, Dance, Rock, and R&B mix that he was known for. We even explore a little bit about his proteges. You may find that much of this only scratches the surface, so feedback from all of you is key. At heart, these are more essay than articles and aren’t necessarily about journalism and detail. But we’re just getting started, and we can go much further as time goes on given the demand for those sort of posts. These posts are for both me and you–not just one (or the other).

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Author: Patrick Norris

Writer. Prince fan. Teacher. Husband. Father of 3. Spiritual aspirant. I promise to tell you more (if you really wanna know). As time goes on, you may come to know me pretty well. Hopefully, I can come to know you better, too!

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