Finding Patrick

Finding Patrick

By Patrick Norris
Finding Patrick
Reading Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra is my latest challenge. I say challenge for a few reasons. This challenge comes in a few forms such as maintaining my own mindfulness of the story, allowing full concentration and awareness of any gems that are shared based on how relevant they are to me, and not to mention my empathy for and connection to the younger and older Rich whose words are so applicable, fun, heartbreaking and relatable (especially being of similar age) that I can’t help but viscerally feel the life and passion that stirs within these pages. It’s difficult to pay attention with the shifts in setting yet embrace it all to ride along with his agile, dramatic writing style. My ADHD may be able handle it during my better hours, but it’s a practice. My purpose in reading this book is to find my own Ultra in the form of suitable focused physical activity that brings some sort of fulfillment and health improvement at the age of 41. It also lends itself to my ultimate goal to be a writer and actualize myself to the fullest extent possible.

To help you fully appreciate this I would have to go into my own story in greater detail. My health is what it is as a 188 lb. African American type 1 diabetic male (cis-gender/heterosexual) father with 3 children. I have heart challenges and sleep apnea. So I’m trying to lose weight and reverse some of these things. I also labor daily against depression, anxiety and ADHD to name the more mental or psychological afflictions. So in the next installment, I will tap into my own story and how it links to Finding Ultra sharing how I’m doing with this book and the struggles that I am going through to an extent. I intend to keep it genuine and purposeful with gratitude for your time and attention.
If you don’t know about Rich Roll and you have a Smartphone, the best place to start is with his podcast published under his own name; so search for it. He is a triathlete and ultra marathon runner who has overcome many obstacles in middle age and credits much of it to his vegan/plant-based diet. He is truly an excellent example of what could be accomplished despite your past, your age, and even seemingly innate limitations. His podcasts are long form and feature many really valuable interviews with well-know and lesser known but authentically uplifting and value-rich human beings. Hope you find this informative and off course you can purchase or checkout (library/similar service) his book Finding Ultra. Rich does not know me (yet), and no value was exchanged for promotion. This is a sharing from my heart. Thanks for reading as this section was not something I originally intended to do. Thanks. Peace and Grace.
P.S. For more of my musings, conjecture and aberrations, please follow me on Twitter at @patrickwritesct and Instagram at @patrickstillrunsct. @patrickrunsct is my old account. You may message me as a heads up that you found me here, and I will gladly approve your request as it is a private account.


Author: Patrick

Writer. Prince fan. Teacher. Husband. Father of 3. Spiritual aspirant. I promise to tell you more (if you really wanna know). As time goes on, you may come to know me pretty well. Hopefully, I can come to know you better, too!

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