Four Thought Friday!! 1st Friday!

Four Thought Friday #1

  1. You should take an inventory of fears. You will quickly see what makes you tick and what holds you back. I’ve often thought to myself that I should do this. I finally did this once I heard Terry Crews on the Tim Ferriss show say this was key for him. It’s hard to overcome fear without identifying it. Even if you meditate or study your mind and heart through other practices, you can only become more enlightened by this activity.
  1. You should be bored if you want to be creative. I know stimulation helps give ideas. I know that knowledge feeds the mind with possibilities. However, in my experience, provides a canvas for the most creative ideas is space. That space is the wide open mind. Physical activity like washing dishes with little thought to what you’re doing or even just letting things be is where the ideas spring up the most. Plus, boredom provides the reason for the mind to create. The void is the invitation to the mind to fill in the empty space. So my advice is to be grated when your phone doesn’t give you the endless entertainment you want. Put it down and invite the play of the free mind to go to work.
  2. Try the checklist approach. If routines as failing to get going when you schedule certain practices, think of how many times per week you should do each practice. Make a checklist and track each one. It won’t happen automatically. You still have to decide each morning which one or two practices to do. But it promotes success without the monotony of a single routine. Of course, you are using more mental energy, yet the payoff in feelings of success and inspiration may be worth it.
  3. Explore your sense of pride and how it can help you. To be too proud can come at a cost in humility that is essential to spiritual and personal growth, yet totally banishing pride is self-sabotage. There are in my experience two types, at least, of pride. One is an ever present sense of self that protects the ego. This pride is what we should avoid. Momentary pride that is earned as a result of doing something challenging is almost necessary to ultimate success. That pride, when experienced or anticipated, can be a potent motivator to do the hard stuff. Sometimes it is the one difference maker when the sense of doubt or cynicism appears telling you that it’s all for nothing. A close cousin to this is self-respect. You should seek to have both but pride seems to have more short term appeal. The caveat for pride always is to let it go before moving on to the next objective or goal. If you swim in it to deeply, you risk drowning your ultimate purpose.

Final Thoughts:

Happy Friday everyone! Count your blessings even if in a secular sense. We’ve all made it this far and likely will live to see another year. The improbability I’d even bring here is mind-blowing. The infinite reality and potentialities we get to experience are more than we can even realize with our human minds. It’s still there for you to tap into. This appreciation has great power to uplift despite the circumstances. So keep your head up, love yourself, others, and the world you live while you have the opportunity. Enjoy this season as even when it returns in the coming year(s), it will never be exactly the same. Even the mundane becomes sacred when we really realize what it is to live.

Seasons greetings and Happy Holidays! Much love.



Author: Patrick

Writer. Prince fan. Teacher. Husband. Father of 3. Spiritual aspirant. I promise to tell you more (if you really wanna know). As time goes on, you may come to know me pretty well. Hopefully, I can come to know you better, too!

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