My Prayer (rough draft)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

My Prayer

May I be wealthy enough to care for my family

May I be strong enough to care for the weak

May I be gentle, patient and skillful in struggle

May I be self-aware and mindful in dealing with others

May I be healthy enough to be present for my children

May I be honest enough to be worthy of trust

May I be wise enough to bring little or no harm to myself and others

May I be joyful enough to want to share life’s goodness

May I be aware enough to have great empathy and compassion

May I know suffering enough to put justice in action

May I maintain a kindness and gentleness of spirit

May I know truth to share with those who may need it

May I inspire any who seek proof that life is worth living

May I know gratitude daily and be generous in giving

May I serve well as I journey through today

May I know peace, love, and grace along the way



Author: Patrick

Writer. Prince fan. Teacher. Husband. Father of 3. Spiritual aspirant. I promise to tell you more (if you really wanna know). As time goes on, you may come to know me pretty well. Hopefully, I can come to know you better, too!

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