Affirmations and Mantras

Part of the appeal of Prince’s music is the inspiration that was constantly infused in his lyrics. Once you buy the albums rather than just listening to the hits, you sense a continuous vibe of spirituality, inspiration, vigor, boldness, and truth integrated with melodies and rhythms that flow seamlessly to create an experience like no other. Even in well-known hits like “Alphabet Street”. Even in the sexily deceptive “Cream” he weaves inspiration in with style and flair while penning lyrics to assure himself that he’s poised to get back “on top”. Fans may however sense that it is a little less about ego than we are lead to believe. Regardless of the intent, one often listens to Prince’s compositions of affirming lyrics set to dazzling instrumental tracks and find themselves inspired, empowered, or at the least reassured by a man whom they were lead to believe was all about sex and lust. More recent Prince fans may not relate, but the many who were introduced to 1999 over a decade before the actual year will are likely to understand. (So will those who knew his history and joined the fold just before the year 2000.)

Without going any further into the subject, I will give you my first 10* mantras and affirmations taken from the words and music of the man himself as they appear in my “Personal Playbook”(journal):

  1. I remember what I want. (Liner notes, The Symbol Album)
  2. I know joy lives ’round the corner. (“The Sacrifice of Victor”, The Symbol Album)
  3. Put the right letters together and make a better day. (“Alphabet Street”, Lovesexy)
  4. Love will conquer if you just believe. (“Mountains”, Parade)
  5. Might not know it now. I’m a star. (“Baby I’m a Star”, Purple Rain)
  6. Til I reach my destination, I won’t rest. (“The Sacrifice of Victor”, The Symbol Album)
  7. You’re so good. Baby there ain’t nobody better. (“Cream”, Diamonds and Pearls)
  8. There will come at time that everything will shine so bright it makes you color blind. (“Diamonds and Pearls”, Diamonds and Pearls)
  9. There will come a time that love will blow your mind and everything you look for, you’ll find. (“Diamonds and Pearls”, Diamonds and Pearls)
  10. Whenever you say that you can’t, that’s when you need to be tryin’. (“Daddy Pop”, Diamonds and Pearls)

If you notice, I included a lot from the 90s albums Diamonds and Pearls and The Symbol Album. That is when I was first turned on to Prince as a true fan–my teenage and college years.  So when I started journaling, that is where my stream of consciousness was.

*I thought 10 would be a nice chunk and make for a cleaner post rather than unloading them all at once. Anyone who wants the complete list as I have compiled (purely out of my head), I will gladly email it to you (NO SPAM, I promise). I encourage others to share their lists as well. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or email me at

It takes time to get used to these words as affirmations without getting lost in imaginings of Prince, his voice, and the thoughts of the song. The bare words become more meaningful (to me) after a few repetitions where it’s no longer entertainment or pure inspiration. It becomes your true thoughts. That is often the value, however, to listening to Prince–for me. It is the words.**

**There are probably at least three types of fans. So where many such as myself latch onto the lyrics primarily, others are more sound (instrumentation) orientation. Others are perhaps a strong hybrid of the two. I’m sure a fourth type could be the performance-oriented who most prefer to witness the style and action of a live performance the most. Of course, we fit them all to a point. Is this is another tangent? I’ll guess I’ll make it a footnote. 🙂

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